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Frequently Asked Questions for Version 5 of Quilt Pro

Q.1 The installer doesn't appear after I put the CD in the drive.
Q.2 Serial Number is missing.
Q.3 The serial number doesn't work.
Q.4 I can't find the registration page on the web site.
Q.5 I registered QuiltPro5 but I had problems downloading the bonus quilts.
Q.6 The fabric palettes included don't work properly.
Q.7 I'm having problems not addressed in the FAQ.
Q.8 How do I move the Quilt Pro 4 projects into version 5?

Q.1  The installer doesn't appear after I put the CD in the drive.

A.1  You can use this method of installing as well:

Make sure there are no other CD in any other drives. Then to install the program, place the CD in the drive. Use the Add/Remove Programs installer by clicking (Windows 98) Start, pointing to Settings, clicking Control Panel, and then double-clicking Add/Remove Programs. In Windows XP, go to Start, click Control Panel, and then click Add/Remove Programs. Once the Add/Remove Programs dialog box appears, click the Install button. and follow the on-screen instructions.

Q.2  Serial Number is missing.

A.2  The serial number should be on the back side of the users guide or inside of the CD case. If you can not locate the number, please complete the contact form at: Choose the customer service option.

Q.3  The serial number doesn't work.

A.3  The most common causes for serial number problems are

1> Using the Caps key or Shift key to capitalize the letters in the serial number. Don't use it, let the installer capitalize them for you.

2> Not adding some text to the company box. Add home, N/a, or anything else.

3> Using the letter 'O' or the letter 'l'. Use the numbers 0 or 1 instead.

Q.4  I can't find the registration page on the web site.

A.4  Use this link:

Q.5  I registered QuiltPro5 but I had problems downloading the bonus quilts.

A.5  Contact Us for more information:

Q.6  The fabric palettes included don't work properly.

A.6  The 5.0 CD was released with copies of fabric palettes from Version 4 in it's palette directories. However, the fabrics those palettes referenced were not on the CD. Opening the V4 palettes in V5 results in an error because none of the fabrics exists.

You have a couple of options regarding this issue:

1. Just ignore them. If you don't try to open any of the fabric palettes, you won't have any problems. (see below to access version 5 fabrics)

2. Delete the fabric palettes from V5 using Windows Explorer.

3. If you're upgrading from V4, copy the fabrics from the QuiltPro4 directory to the V5 directory using Windows Explorer.

To open and use the fabrics that are included in version 5, use the Fabric Library toolbar button that has a red square with white polka dots. It's our new way of accessing the fabrics. We didn't include any fabrics palette for the new fabrics because Fabric Library is so much easier to use.

Q.7  I'm having problems not addressed in the FAQ.

A.7  There are updates for all programs on the website, be sure to download them to your desktop then install them if you have problems. Be aware that Quilt-Pro 5 must be installed to your hard drive to apply the updates.

Go to this link,, download the update and then install.

If that doesn't help contact us:

Q.8  How do I move the Quilt Pro 4 projects into version 5?

A.8  To move your QuiltPro4 files to your new Version 5:

You can try one of two things.

1> Copy the fabrics and the projects from version 4 over to version 5. This option requires that the fabrics be placed in the same position in version 5 as they were in version 4. If you choose this option, I suggest you "copy" the fabrics to version 5 rather than "move" them so that if it doesn't work, you still have option #2 available. Test the move by opening the files and checking the fabric colorations.


2> Create packets in version 4 to open in version 5. This is the most reliable option but also the most time consuming.

Create a Packet in version 4:

Using Quilt Pro 4, open the quilt design file with either File/Open/Quilt or File/Browse/Quilt. Choose the File menu and select Create Packet from the menu listing. The packet creation function will be automatically select the quilt file name for your packet file name. Then click save. The file will be saved in the C:\Program files\Quiltpro4\MyProjects\Packets folder and it will look like: filname.arq

To Open the Packet File in QuiltPro5

After you have saved the packet files in version 4, Start QuiltPro5, and select the File/Open/Packet menu. Navigate to the C:\Program files\Quiltpro4\MyProjects\Packets folder. Click on the packet file and then click on the Open button to view the quilt or block you created in version 4.

You can also create packet files for Blocks, Borders, and Sash files but be sure to create all your packets before you delete version 4.

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