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Frequently Asked Questions for Quilt Pro Ver 3 for Macintosh

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Support FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'd like to create my own fabric palettes but I'd like to use a blank palette instead of replacing the current  palette.  How do I get a blank palette?
A. You don't have to create one because we have created one for you.   You can download the blank palette and related file by clicking on the link below.  Once you download the file, locate it on your system (filename =  BLANK.SEA.HQX) and use Stuffit Expander to open it.  In the archive you will find two files,  both of which should be placed in the Quilt Pro Palettes folder..  It will create a Quilt Pro palette file in your palette folder.  Once done, open Quilt Pro and from file\Open Fabric Palette and click the file "A Blank Palette.fpl"  

It is important to note that the file you are downloading is NOT a Quilt Pro file and you will not be able to use it until you expand it using Stuffit or any expander program that opens encoded files.   

[ click to download file ]

Q. Can I install Quilt-Pro to run from the CD?
A   If you intend to run Quilt-Pro from the CD please read this note for important information.

You can run Quilt-Pro from the CD-ROM without installing anything onto your hard disk. However, any blocks or quilts you create must saved on your hard drive. Create a folder on the hard drive in which to save your work. Then, while working in Quilt-Pro, you must move from the CD folders to the hard drive to save.

Do remember that CD's operate more slowly than hard drives. There will be delays when starting up and while running Quilt-Pro as data is read from the CD.

In order to avoid the above problems, We recommend that you fully install Quilt-Pro to the hard drive.

Q   How do I print only the outline of a block or a quilt?
A   In the print dialog box there is an option to Print White Only. Deselect Print Fabric Patterns to show the Print White Only option.

Q   I want to edit colors in the solid color palette but I'm confused.
A   First choose the position you want to edit by double clicking (or Ctrl-click) on the color chip for that color. The color editor will open showing a color wheel. Click on a color on the Color Wheel that matches the color you want.  Then adjust the Brightness, Saturation and Hue until the color is exactly what you want.   Click the OK button and the color will now be in the Palette.  Be sure to save the palette before you close out Quilt-Pro. To save the palette, click on File/Save Color Palette from the file menu. Use a new name to preserve the old palette.

Q  How do I drag and drop blocks into the quilt grid when the Browser covers the entire screen?
A  To reduce the size of the Browser use the Resize box.   The Resize box is located at the lower-right corner of the Browser window that, when dragged changes the size and shape of your window. 

Q The program told me that two foundation   patterns would fit on each page.  When I printed the page.... there was only one pattern on each sheet of paper.  Why won't it print out 2 patterns per page?
A On the foundation print dialog box there is a place for the number of "copies". This setting tells the program the number of copies of a pattern to print not the number of printed pages. Change the number to 2 and you will get two foundation patterns. It allows the quilter to print only the exact number of patterns needed.

Q. Is it possible to dock the color palette on the Mac?
A. Yes it is.  Press and hold the Ctrl key while you click on the color palette (on a color not the title bar).  A menu will appear.   Click on Floating Palette and it should dock along the bottom.

Q. I can change a block name in the finder, but when I look for the block in Quilt Pro it still has the original name.
A.  All name changes should be done using Quilt Pro.   With the block on the screen, choose Save As from the Block menu.

Q. I'd like a Icon on my desktop to open Quilt Pro, how can I get one?
A. Locate Quilt Pro in the finder. Click the real Icon once to highlight it. From the file menu choose, Make Alias.  The new Icon will be placed in the the same folder as the quilt Pro program file. Drag this Icon to your desktop.     If your OS file menu does not contain the Make Alias command, you will need to consult your operating system manual for instructions.

Q. I would like to use the fabrics on the website in my Mac version of Quilt Pro but they are all for Windows.  How can I use these fabrics?
A. Currently the fabrics are in Bitmap (BMP) format and most Macs can read the Bitmap format, if you have PC exchange.  Download the fabric file and use Stuffit to expand the self-extracting archive.  If your version of Stuffit does not expand self-extracting Zip files (filename.EXE)  contact us for the regular file in ZIP format (filename.ZIP).  

Once you have the fabrics extracted you will need to convert them from BMP format to PICT format.  Many image programs can do this.  If your does not or you do not have an image program there are sharewares programs to do it.  One such program is called Graphic Converter (click name to visit the web site.)  Please read the system requirements to be sure this program will run on your system.  Quilt Pro Systems is not recommending this program, merely informing you that it exists for the purpose under discussion.  There may be others available as well.  Once fabrics are extracted, place the files in the Fabrics folder in it's own subfolder.  

The fabric palette will have to be recreated.  You may do this by using the Fabric Browser to drag and drop fabrics into a new palette.  Ctrl-click on a fabric chip will produce a flyout menu where you can choose Browse Fabrics. Move the Browser to the left as far as possible and the fabric palette to the right so that you may see both on the screen. Drag and drop the fabric into the palette until the palette is full or collection is complete.  Then save the palette in the palette folder.


Technical Support FAQ

Q   I can't print fabrics, what's wrong?
A   Here are some things to try:

  1. Try different printer settings by selecting Print Setup from the File Menu.  If your printer software offers you different graphic options or color options, try them.  One may work where the other did not.
  2. If you use the Select by Color tool to paint your quilt and the printout is either black or blank, use the Paintbrush to paint your quilt instead of the select by color tool. 
  3. Give Quilt Pro more memory.  Quilt Pro Version 3 requires at least 9000K memory to run. 
  4. Make sure you have enough free hard disk space for your printer to work properly.   You may need to check your printer manual for the amount needed to print.
  5. Turn off Virtual Memory. 
  6. Download any firmware updates for your computer and printer from Apple.  This is especially important if you have recently updated your Operating System, or if you recently purchased a new printer with a USB connection.
  7. Download a new Printer Driver.
  8. If a new printer driver doesn't help, ask the manufacturer if your printer can emulate another printer.  Then try that printer driver.  You should be able to use both drivers on your system.

Here is a link to the most popular Printer Manufacture's web sites where you can find a printer driver:

Canon Epson Hewlett Packard (HP) Lexmark

When you get to these web sites, look for links to download, support or drivers.


Let us know if these adjustments do not help. Contact usat our tech contact page. Please include the following information:

  1. Mac OS version you are using.
  2. The printer model,
  3. Printer Driver version number.
  4. How much RAM total, and how much is allocated to Quilt Pro?
  5. The Quilt-Pro version.
  6. And the Quilt Pro serial number.

Q. When I click on Block Index in the Block menu, I get an error message.  Why?
A. Originally, the Mac version was not going to include a block index but many of you have asked for one so we have created one for your use.   You have a choice of file formats for this index, you may choose either an HTML or PDF format.   Choose your preferred format by clicking here...HTML  or PDF.   Note: the block index will not be accessible from within Quilt Pro.  You will have to open the files through the finder. 

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Block Index in PDF format.  Click the link to download the reader.

You will need Stuffit to extract the files from the zip file and you will also need your browser to view the HTML version of the block index    You may place the block Index files in a new folder or in the Quilt Pro folder, your choice.

Q. When I try to open the Sash files the programs gives me an error message, can this be fixed?
A.  Yes it can.  Go to the sash menu, and this time choose Browse.  The browser screen will appear.  At the bottom of the screen you will see the Advanced button.  Click on the Advanced button.  Choose Fix File Type/Creator.  Then click the Begin button.  When it is complete you will see the Sash files in the preview window.

Q. When I open a "New" window, the window opens 1.5" from the left side of the screen, can this be fixed?
A.  Right now, you can use the mouse to grab the title bar and move the window to the left. We expect to have this fixed soon.

Q. In Text, when I want to create a new line of text in the same box, there's no way to get one. Am I missing something?
A. You are right, you can not create a new line in the same text box. You can, however,  add as much text in one line as you need and the text will wrap in the text box. If the text object is large enough, it will all show on the screen.  If it is too small, click on the text and use the black handles to enlarge the box until all shows on screen. Quilt Pro is not intended to be used as a word processing program.  Use it to add a small amount of text to describe a block, a process, etc...

Q. I can't find the answer I need, how do I contact Technical support for more help?
A. If the information on this page does not solve your problem, please contact us at our tech contact page. Please add the following information along with your questions:

  1. Mac OS version you are using.
  2. The printer model.
  3. Printer Driver version number.
  4. How much RAM total, and how much is allocated to Quilt Pro?
  5. The Quilt-Pro version.
  6. And the Quilt Pro serial number.
  7. Any error messages you may have received.


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