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Frequently Asked Questions for Version 3 Quilt Pro

Download the latest patch for Quilt-Pro Windows Version 3 click:


Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Support FAQ

If the information on this page does not solve your problem, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'd like to create my own fabric palettes but I'd like to use a blank palette instead of replacing the current  palette.  How do I get a blank palette?
A. You don't have to create one because you can download the blank palette by clicking on the link below.  Once you download the file, locate it on your system (filename =  BlankPal.EXE ) and double-click the file to have it install in Quilt Pro.  It is important to note that the file you are downloading is NOT a Quilt Pro file until you double-click (or run) the file.   It will create a Quilt Pro palette file in your palette folder.  Once done, open Quilt Pro and from file\Open Fabric Palette and click the file "A Create a New Fabric Palette.fpl"

[ click to download file ]

Q. Can I install Quilt-Pro to run from the CD?
A   If you intend to run Quilt-Pro from the CD please read this note for important information.

You can run Quilt-Pro from the CD-ROM without installing anything onto your hard disk. This uses the least hard disk space but creates a problem in that Quilt-Pro will not be able to save any preferences such as window positions, color palettes, screen settings, etc. Nor can you save any blocks or quilts you create to the CD. You must create a folder on the hard drive in which to save your work. Then, while working in Quilt-Pro, you must change between the CD for opening files, and the hard drive for saving them. (see next section).

In addition, CD's operate more slowly than hard drives. There will be delays when starting up and while running Quilt-Pro as data is read from the CD.

In order to avoid the above problems, We recommend that you fully install Quilt-Pro to the hard drive.

To change from the CD-ROM drive to the hard drive:

To change between drives in the file dialog box, you should click on the Drives list, then choose the proper drive from the list. Then, locate the directory you wish to save your files to. Then, save the file.

Doing a partial Installation of Quilt-Pro

A full installation of Quilt-Pro to the hard disk will take 21 MB. A partial installation to install using the fabric library will need about 6 MB of disk space. This partial installation will allow you to run the executable file of Quilt-Pro from the hard drive, but will keep the Block and Borders and Sash library on the CD-ROM, thus saving you 14+ MB of hard drive space.

To perform the partial installation

  1. As mentioned before, begin the installation as you would if you were doing the full installation per the instructions in the User's Manual. Substitute the CD-ROM drive for diskette drive. Otherwise, the installation instructions are the same.
  2. When prompted, select only the Program files and fabric library to install. 
  3. Continue on with the installation.

Once you have installed Quilt-Pro this way, all the blocks, borders and sashes will be only on the CD. You can copy library files from the CD as you need them or use them directly from the CD in Quilt-Pro." 

You will need to create a folder in your hard drive to save any changes you have made to blocks, borders, sashes and quilts.  Look for instructions on creating your folder on page 50 of the version 3 manual.

Q   How do I print only the outline of a block or a quilt?
A   In the print dialog box there is an option to Print White Only. Deselect Print Fabric Patterns to show the Print White Only option.

Q   I want to edit colors in the solid color palette but I'm confused.
A   When you open the editor the preview box shows which color "position" you are editing--so when you click one of the colors below the program thinks you want to edit that color position. So if you want to change the color of one position to one that is similar to another then do this:

  1. Make note of which position you want to change (the original color position).
  2. Click on the new color. Write down the numbers under the red, green and blue.
  3. Click back on the original color and use the slide bar to change the values of the "original" color position.
  4. If you want to keep this color in this position than you will have to save the palette as a new palette. The default palette will always return to the original colors.

Q   Tell me about the Collection disks.  Are the blocks from Collection Disk # 1 and 2 included in Version 3?   If not, do the Collection Disk #1 and # 2 work with Version 3?
A   The block libraries Collection disks # 1 & 2 are available for both the Windows (version 2 & 3) and the Macintosh versions (version 2). There are a few of the designs from the QP Collections page so you can take a look at the wonderful blocks, borders and fabrics you can add to the Quilt Pro library.  Both Collections will work with all versions of Quilt Pro and none of the designs are included in Quilt-Pro version.

Q  How to I drag and drop to the grid when the Browser covers the entire screen?
To reduce the size of the Browser look on page 18.  It describes how to reduce the size of the fabric palette.  This method works on the File browser as well.

Q The program told me that two foundation   patterns would fit on each page.  When I printed the page.... there was only one pattern on each sheet of paper.  Why won't it print out 2 patterns per page?
A On the foundation print dialog box there is a place for the number of "copies". This setting tells the program the number of copies of a pattern to print not the number of printed pages. Change the number to 2 and you will get two foundation patterns. It allows the quilter to print only the exact number of patterns needed.

Q How do I paste my design into the Paint program so I can get a larger printout?
A  Follow the instructions as outlined below:

  1. Open Paint and reduce the size of the white background by selecting Attributes from the Image menu.  Change the size to something small, such as 2.00" X 2.00".   You want it to be small so that when you paste the image from Quilt Pro, the Paint program will be forced to enlarge the background to the size of the quilt or block but will not have any extra white space.
  2. Paste the QP image.
  3. From the Image menu, select Stretch & Skew. The Stretch & Skew dialog box appears.
  4. In the stretch box, horizontal change the 100% to 200%, then click the OK button.   Do not try to do both Vertical and Horizontal at the same time as it won't work.  
  5. Next change the Vertical setting as in step 4, using the same percentage.
  6. Check attributes to see if the image is large enough but do not change any numbers here.   Changing the size here will only expand or reduce the white area. If you reduce the image it will crop the design. 

Q When I paste my layered quilt design into a another program all I get is one layer even though all the layers are visible.  What am I doing wrong?
A  The following may sound complicated but once you do it, it will be easy.

  1. Save your design. (you can not UNDO some of the steps I'm going to give you so please save the design first.)
  2. If there is a layer you are Not using, go into the layer settings to activate it.   (It will be all white or painted in fabric but should not be a part of your real design)  Then select the layer by clicking on the layer button.
  3. From edit menu, click "select all."  This will select the entire unused layer, which we will make transparent in the next steps.
  4. Then from the options menu, choose Pen and Brush settings.  From both the Pen and Brush setting, choose "null".  Make sure Change Pen and Change Brush are both selected. Click the Apply button.  That should make that layer transparent.
  5. This is the part you can't "undo". So if you haven't saved your design do it now!!  With only the used layers showing, right click on the Layers buttons and click "collapse layers."
  6. From edit menu, click "select all."
  7. From the edit menu, select Copy.
  8. Open the Paint Program, and select paste from that edit menu.  The design should appear in the paint program.
  9. Print.
  10. If you need to change your quilt design then close the project without saving and re-open it.  You should not save the quilt "Collapsed" as you will lose the ability to change the different objects on the different layers.


Technical Support FAQ

Q   I can't print fabrics, what's wrong?
A   Have you downloaded the newest update? If not go to  If you have updated and are still having problems try the following:

1. Go to Window menu, click on Actual Size.
    The go to the Edit menu and choose Select all.
    The to Print and make sure "Selected Objects Only" and "Print Fabrics" is selected.
    Then Print.

    This has worked for everybody who had not been able to print fabrics otherwise. However, if this solution doesn't work for you, please continue on to the other suggestions.

2. Fabric Palettes:

  1. Do NOT print using the default fabric palette that comes up when you first install Quilt Pro.  Go to file/Open fabric palette and select another palette.  This applies to all except the Benartex edition, which uses actual fabric files to create the default palette.
  2. If you have added any fabrics to a palette save the palette before printing.   

3. Printer settings, two items to look for

  1. Look in the settings for a draft quality print, a fast print, or Econo print.... or anything that is remotely close to that type of setting.   It may be hidden in a manual or option settings.  Fabric printing takes up a lot of memory and a faster print will allow you to get a better quality.  You may have to experiment with the different printer settings to find the right one for your printer. 
  2. Set the ICM or Image Color Matching setting. 

4. Mainly for Win 98 users (and some Win 95):

  1. If you use the Select by Color tool to paint your quilt, the printout is either Black or Blank.  Use the Paintbrush to paint your quilt instead of the select by color tool. 
  2. You may need to reduce your quilt print out to a width of 5".   Keep the "keep Proportion"  setting and your print out should look good, although a bit smaller.

5. For NT users: 

  1. Some NT4 users have reported having great success in printing if the video resolution is reduced to 256 colors.  The display on the fabics won't look very good but should print out fine.  We hope to have a new update soon for NT users.

Let us know if these adjustments do not help. Contact us at our tech contact page. Please include the following:

  1. Windows Version you are using....Win 95, 98 or NT,
  2. The printer model,
  3. The Quilt-Pro version and revision date found in the Help/About Quilt Pro menu.   (if not, download or run the update file again.
  4. And the Quilt Pro Version 3 serial number.

Here is a link to the most popular Printer Manufacture's websites where you can find a printer driver:

Q When I try to print templates I get a Floating Point error and the program shuts down, what can I do so I can print templates?
A Have you downloaded the newest update? If not go to    

Q When I try to save quilts, blocks, etc..I get an error message "Access denied".  Why can't I save?

A Are you running the program from the CD?  Unless you have a re-write-able CD drive you won't be able to save your files to the CD disk.  You must change the location where you save to your hard drive.

Q When I am using fabric open to add fabric to the fabric palette and when I press the up one level button, the program crashes.  What is wrong?

A Have you downloaded the newest update? If not go to     .

Q. I am having a hard time sectioning foundation patterns.  Some patches are not included or the seam allowance in in the wrong place.  What am I doing wrong?

A The current update has fixed this problem. Download the update from

Q. I'm having a problem saving fabrics I have edited, why?

A. Are you running the program from the CD?  If so, you will need to Go to File/Preferences and check the option to "Prompt After Fabrics are changed." Otherwise, the program tries to save automatically on the CD. Make sure to change the location where you save to the hard drive.


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