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Quilt-Pro for Windows Version 3

Corrections to the Users Manual

As with every software package, some things change from the time the manual was written to the time the program is finally released.  The same is true with the Quilt-Pro manual.  The following items have been brought to my attention.   If you find other items that need correction please let me know.  You may contact us at our tech contact page.

Chapter 2:   Page 14

Section: You can hide each Floating Bar by any of the three methods.

Was:   Open the Options Menu and select either Hide Tools, Hide Colors, or Hide Fabric.

Should be:  Open the Windows Menu and select either Fabric Palette, Color Palette, or Tools.

Chapter 2:   Page 15

Section: Top of page.

Was:  To show any of the Floating Bars, open the Options Menu and select either Show Tools, Show Colors, or Show Fabrics.

Should be: To show any of the Floating Bars, open the Windows Menu and select either Fabric Palette, Color Palette, or Tools.

Chapter 3 :   Page 33

Section: Polygon Image

Was:  Pie.gif (1076 bytes)
Should Be: polygon.gif (1048 bytes)

Chapter 8 :   Page 131

Illustration should be:

ManCorFF.gif (35424 bytes)


Chapter 8 :   Page 135 Was: Manual Spacing.

Should Be:   Option deleted from final release of the program.

Chapter 13:   Page 176

Section: Now you are ready to put the pieced and stencil blocks on the Quilt

In this section you can do one of two things:

A.> Choose a different block from the block/stencil directory.  **


B.> Beginning after # 8

  1. Select the stencil layer and choose Select All from edit menu.
  2. Choose Pen/Brush settings from the options menu. Select only Change Brush and Selected patches only. From the drop down box of Brush settings, select Null. Then click both the Apply and Close buttons.

Continue with # 11

** Note: The problem here is that the stencil block listed in this project was made with brush filled patches instead of lines.  If you use patch tools to design your own stencils (instead of the line tools)  you may have to use the instructions in B.> above when you place the stencils in the quilts.

Chapter: Baskets and Flowers Quilt, Page 202

Section: Add a Block to the Medallion Ring and Flip blocks

# 3 Was: From the On Point folder,  choose the Basket with Handle block.

# 3 Should be: From the Applique-Basket folder, choose the Basket with Handle block.


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