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Karen's Quilt
The Finished Quilt

Part 4 of 4


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The Finished Quilt

Go to Layout, click on Quilt.

Block Tab

  1. Layout: Straight
  2. Block Count: 1 across and 1 down.
  3. Block setting: Straight
  4. Remove check from "Keep Proportion".
  5. Block Width: 28.31 Height: 33.95
Borders Tab

  1. Click either Add Border, or Delete Border so that this quilt has 2 borders.
  2. Click the Current Border arrows until the border number 1 shows in the box.

Border 1:

  1. Border Type: Horizontal Straight
  2. Horizontal Fitting and Vertical Fittings: Specific Count= 1, Width= 3".

Border 2: (this is to simulate a binding)

  1. Border Type: Mitered
  2. Horizontal Fitting and Vertical Fittings: Specific Count= 1, Width= .5"
Sashes Tab:
  1. Inner Sash box - unchecked (not enabled).

Quilt Size = 24" square.

Click the OK button. Your quilt should look like the Illustration above. If it does not, not to worry, just open the block browser and locate your quilt block and drag and drop it in the quilt grid. That should fix it.

Paint as desired.

Save Quilt.

Note: You can make this quilt in any size but you will need to be sure that block you use to build your Triangle block is the same size as the block used in the Inner quilt.  The border for the inner quilt should be 1/2 the block size.  For example, for a block size 8", the width of the 2 borders should total 4".

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