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Quilt-Pro Design wall. Place your blocks and quilts on the design wall, just like the design wall in your studio. The handy Toolbar has all the tools you need to make your quilt. Place a block from the Block Library on the design wall, or create your own block. Make your block into a quilt. Turn, flip and recolor your blocks. Add a border.
Sample Strip-Piecing chart. You can also print foundations, and templates to sew your quilt. Sample foundation printout of the same block. Sample template printout of the same block.
Quilt-Pro 6 for Windows
Quilt-Pro is our top-of-the-line design software for quilters. Quilt-Pro does it all! From designing a simple block to the most intricate quilt, Quilt-Pro can help you visualize and create any quilt you can think of! Quilt-Pro helps you every step of the way.

Design quilts, add fabrics, turn & flip blocks to make endless new quilt designs. Quilt-Pro then helps you sew your quilt. Print strip-piecing charts, foundations and templates. Finally, Quilt-Pro has the most accurate yardage estimates, so you'll never run out of fabric!

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Quilt-Pro 6 Product Info
Quilt-Pro is our premium quilt design software. Quilt-Pro has an extensive range of features to help you draw pieced blocks, applique blocks, quilting stencils and foundation blocks. You can also create any kind of quilt, including traditional pieced quilts, applique quilts, hexagonal, "baby block", and even free-form landscape style quilts. Quilt-Pro also enables you to place embroidery and photos on blocks and quilts.
Quilt-Pro easily prints foundations, rotary-cutting charts and templates to sew your quilt. You can also print fabric charts to estimate how much fabric you will need.

Quilt-Pro has all the features you need to visualize any quilting idea and make it a reality!

  • Design wall setup allows you to move blocks or quilts anywhere on the design wall
  • Magnify quilts to easily view details.
  • Quilt-Pro Assistant provides instant help: hover mouse on tool for instant help.
  • Choose from 8 layout styles: Straight, on-point,  baby blocks, free-form, medallion and two styles of diagonal and hexagonal. 
  • Create custom sized or standard size quilts
  • Unlimited number of blocks and size of blocks
  • Make quilts with square or rectangular blocks
  • Create Sampler Quilts
  • Create alternating block quilts
  • Rotate and Flip blocks
  • Move and Copy Blocks
  • Magnify quilts for detailed viewing
  • Add and calculate binding

Borders & Sashes

  • Add up to 10 borders
  • Choose plain or pieced borders
  • Choose from 4 border corner styles, mitered, corner block, horizontal or vertical
  • Add blocks to borders to create pieced borders
  • Special library of pieced border and sash designs.
  • Add inner and outer sashes
  • Set blocks into cornerstones and rows for pieced sashes.
Drawing Blocks
  • Draw any shape with the drawing tools including squares, triangles, circles and custom shapes such as polygons.
  • Draw curves such as arcs and bezier curves for applique and quilting designs.
  • Four drawing grids: standard, circular, isometric and eight-pointed star
  • Adjust standard drawing grid from 1/16" up. Change grid color
  • Make and save your own custom drawing grids
  • Rotary Cutter tool splits shapes into smaller shapes, just like a real rotary cutter.
  • Add Patch Guidelines to assist you in drawing blocks
  • New Tools to create blocks without drawing: Block Frames, Magic Mirror, Block Twister and Round Arranger.
  • Snapshot blocks made with the Block Frame, Magic Mirrir, Block Twister and Round Arranger tools.
  • Print foundations, templates and rotary-cutting charts of any block.
  • Print Yardage Calculation for any quilt
  • Preview foundations, templates, rotary-cutting charts and yardage calculations before you print.
  • Print pictures of any block or quilt
Block Library 
  • Library of over 1500 pieced blocks
  • Blocks can be rotary cut or foundation pieced
  • Create your own collection of Favorite Blocks
  • View current and recent blocks.
  • Search for blocks by name
  • Import blocks daily from the Block of the Day
  • Import blocks from any Foundation Factory program

Fabrics and Fabric Library

  • Library of over 3000 fabrics
  • View fabrics by color, pattern, manufacturer or theme
  • Library of over 1000 solid colors
  • Scan your own fabrics with the Scan Wizard

  • Create your own collection of Favorite fabrics
  • View current and recent fabrics
  • View fabrics in quilt at actual size or scaled down.
  • Import new fabrics free from website
  • Scoot and Rotate tool allows you to move and rotate fabrics within a  patch.
Other Features
  • Add quilting stencils to quilts with layers feature
  • Import images for tracing
  • Patch Stamp Library of flowers and other motifs for applique
  • Round Arranger tool easily converts applique motifs into full blocks
  • Write text with the Text tool for handouts and notes
  • Foundation Wizard easily converts any block into a foundation block.
  • Customize Toolbar by adding or removing tools.
For Windows version:

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 or later
Mouse or other pointing device
796.7 MB Hard Disk Space

Est. Download Times for Quilt-Pro 6

Version Size Cable/DSL 56K Modem 28.8K Modem
Windows 510,492,904
(510.5 MB)
5 min 40 sec 26 hr 45 min
(Not Recommended)
49 hr 14 min
(Not Recommended)

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