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Sample continuous borders. Program comes with 25 border designs in seven sizes. Sample printout: tape border units together to make long continuous borders.
Easy Foundation Borders
Easy Foundation Borders makes it easy to create continuous foundation borders. Just print & tape border strips together. Foundation-piece the border strip and sew it to your quilt! It's just that easy!

Comes with 25 continuous border designs in widths from 1" to 5"

Includes instructions on how to use border strips, border design ideas and a step-by-step foundation-piecing tutorial.
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Product Information: Easy Foundation Borders
What are Easy Foundation Borders?
The purpose of Easy Foundation Borders is to print pre-designed foundation border strips.

How to use Easy Foundation Borders:
Print a pattern and cut along the green lines to cut away any excess paper.
Tape border strips together to form a continuous border strip. You can easily customize the length of your strip to match your quilt.

Each pattern tells you the width of each strip and the total length of each border strip.  For example. a 2" wide border pattern page has 3 strips that are 10" long, for a total of 30" per page. To create a border 60" long, you will need to print 2 pages. 

You can also customize the length of your border by cutting along the dashed red lines on the pattern.

Foundation piece the border strip and then sew it to your quilt. Easy Foundation Borders also comes with four different corner designs.

Extra Features

Easy Foundation Borders includes:
  • Step-by-Step tutorial on how to foundation-piece.

  • Sewing tips on how to use the foundation border strips

  • Design ideas on how to combine borders together to create new border designs.

About Print & Sew

Easy Foundation Borders is the second program in the new Print & Sew series from Quilt-Pro Systems. Print & Sew is a handy print ulility program that can print triangle papers, foundation borders, foundation blocks and so much more! So easy to use, just click, print and sew!
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