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Quilt-Pro version 6 -  Help with your program

Q. How do I activate Quilt-Pro 6?

Q. How do I know if I have the newest version of the program?

Q. When I try to add only one block to a quilt, it always fills in the entire quilt even if Affect all is NOT selected. 

Q. What are the Windows system requirements?

Q. I get an error message that says  "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002)"  What do I do?

Q. I need to move my Files from Quilt-Pro 5 into Quilt-Pro 6.  How do I do that? 

Q. How do I activate Quilt-Pro 6?

A. Is your computer connected to the internet?  If so, simply click the Internet button, then add your name, email address and serial number and click "activate now".  

If you don't have access to the internet on that computer, the only way to activate is a manual permanent activation.  Here is how:

Click on Manual button to activate.  

Write down and email us both the Registration number from the screen and the serial number.  In return, we will send you the Activation number to enter into the Manual Activation box. Click here to send us an email. 

To save time, you can use a different computer to manually activate your program on your own. Take the same information: name, email address,  Registration number and serial number to this website page:

Once you enter the above information and click Submit, it will give you the Activation code to enter into the Manual Activation box.


Q. How do I know if I have the newest version of the program?

A. If your computer is connected to the internet, the best option is to let the program check to see if an update is available. Here is how:

Go to Help menu and click Check for updates.  It should find the latest update, download and install it. 

If you are not connected to the internet, open the program, click the Help menu.  Click on "About Quilt-Pro".  The version number should be shown in small letters next to the QuiltPro 6 graphic.  Then using another computer, match that number to the update found on our website at:

Download the update and install the update. 

Q. When I try to add only one block to a quilt, it always fills in the entire quilt even if Affect all is NOT selected.

A - Affect all, on or off, does NOT affect how the blocks are added to the quilt.  That's determined by the Block Placement setting (originally set in the Quilt Wizard's, Layout tab).  If you look at the area just above the ruler, you will see a drop down box that says "Single." Use the drop down box to select a different option. See below for a description of the options.

Here are the different options:

Single Block: repeats the same block throughout the quilt

Alternate Blocks: places two blocks in a "checkerboard" pattern

Sampler: Places one repeat of a block into a quilt. For example, if you have a quilt with 15 blocks, you can put 15 different blocks into the quilt with the Sampler setting

Sequence of Blocks: With this setting, blocks will repeat in a sequence that you set. For example, you can set up three blocks to repeat throughout the quilt. Depending on the number of blocks across, you can layout blocks in diagonal patterns or in straight rows.

About Affect All

When you select "Affect All", whatever you do to one block will affect every other similar block in the Quilt Layout. For example, if you rotate one 9-patch block, all the other 9-patch blocks in the quilt will rotate as well. 

However, if the Block Placement setting is "Sampler", "Affect All" will have no affect on the other similar blocks because they are seen as different blocks by the program even if they are the exact same block.

Q. What are the Windows system requirements?

A . Windows system requirements are:

Processor 1.5 Gz
Ram 1 MB
OS: XP / Vista / Windows 7
Screen Resolution: 800 X 600
Hard drive: 800 MB available space
CD drive (To install from CD)

Q. I get an error message that says  "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002)"  What do I do?

A. If you received this error, we believe that your computer may be missing some system files required to run the program.  Here is a link to where you can find the missing files. NOTE: If your computer user account is not an administrative account, you should log in to the computer's administrative account to download and install.

Please download and then run the package installer. Here is how:

To download using Internet Explorer:  Click the link above and when asked if you want to run or save, click the Save button. Save the file to your Documents folder.  While the file is downloading, (if checked) remove the check mark from the box that says "Close this dialog box when download is complete." When the download is complete press the "Open folder" button. Once it is open, the file should be highlighted.  Double click to install.   When asked if you want to allow the program to run, click Allow or Run.

When installation is complete, restart your computer. Once the computer has completely started up you can open Quilt-Pro 6. It should work properly.

I need to move my Files from Quilt-Pro 5 into Quilt-Pro 6.  How do I do that?

A. If your designs where colored with solid colors there is nothing to move.  You access the QP5 files by clicking on the Quilt Gallery button and sort to My quilts.  For Blocks, click the block library and sort to My Blocks.

However, If the quilts have fabrics in them, you will have to make packets to transfer them into Quilt-Pro 6.   Here are the complete

instructions for making packets for each quilt.

First, make sure you have the latest version of Quilt-Pro 5.  Here is how: 

Open Quilt-Pro 5 and look in the QP5 Help menu for "About Quilt-Pro".  The version number and date will be in small letters in the gray area under the image.  What does that say?  If it says 5.1.2, you have the latest and you can skip down to where it says “Create a Packet in version 5:”   If it’s less than 5.1.2, you must update the program, visit this page to download and install the program: Be sure Quilt-Pro 5 is closed before installing the update.

 At the top of the windows you will see : Updater for Windows version of Quilt-Pro Version 5. 

(2008-08-20)  Version 5.1.2 of Quilt-Pro. Click here to download the latest update.  Press where it says Click here:

Once you have downloaded the update file and installed it you can:

Create a Packet in version 5:

Using Quilt Pro 5, open the block or quilt design file with either: For Quilts File/Open/MyProjects and look in the Quilts folder or the Quilt Gallery sorted to My quilts. For Blocks use File->Open->MyProjects and look in the Blocks folder or the Block Library sorted to My Blocks.

Choose the File menu and select “Create Packet” from the menu listing. The packet creation function will be automatically select the quilt file name for your packet file name.

Then click save.

The file will be saved in the Documents->Quiltpro->Packets folder and it will look like: filname.arq

If Quilt-Pro 5 is on a different computer, copy the packets to a CD or jump drive to move them to the computer where Quilt-Pro is installed.  In the new computer save them in the folder:  Documents->Quiltpro->Packets.

To Open the Packet File in QuiltPro 6

Start QuiltPro6, and select the File->Open->Packet menu.

 Change the File type from Zip files to Packets in the lower right corner of the open file box.  The button will be directly to the right if the file name box.

 Click on the packet file and then click on the Open button to view the quilt or block you created in version 5. The packets will save the files in the same location in version 6 as it did in version 5. So once the packet is open and the quilt or block is showing, choose File/Save as click Save so Quilt Pro 6 will save that file in the correct location and will include all the fabrics.

You can then open the files using Quilt Gallery button sorted to My Quilts.


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