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How to Scan Fabric 

For windows only

Click here to find out more about Quilt-Pro: Version 5
 Choose a fabric print that is small to medium in size. 
You may choose a large piece of fabric to scan but you should scan only a 4" X 4" inch section of it.  We'll get to that soon.
Iron all the wrinkles out of the fabric. If you don't the wrinkles will show up.
Connect your scanner to your computer and turn it on.
From the Quilt-Pro file menu choose Scan Image.  The scanning wizard will appear.
Choose the Fabric option from the Scan What tab. Click Next.
Press the Scan Now button located under the preview area. 
When the scanner software appears it should be similar to the image on the right.  It won't be exact because you may have a different scanner than what is shown here.  Please note that this portion of the scanning process is not a part of the Quilt-Pro software.  Quilt-Pro is merely interacting with your scanning program.
Press the Preview button so that you can see a preview of the fabric before scanning it.
Click Image for a larger view
Adjust the size of the scan area using either the nodes on the preview area or using the height and width settings.
Choose the fast Color setting and
Set DPI to 100.
Press Scan
Click Image for a larger view
The fabric will appear in the Quilt-Pro Scanning Wizard. Click Next.
Add a name to the File Name box and choose the file format.  Win 98, Win ME users must choose BMP format.  XP users can choose from the BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TiFF formats.  Click the Save button. Then click Next.
Click Image for a larger view
If you want to scan another piece of fabric press the Scan Another button in the What Next Tab.  If you are done, press the close button.
To find your fabrics, press the Fabric Library button on the toolbar and choose Sort by My Fabrics.  There you will find the fabric you just scanned.
If you have any questions or comments on this lesson you may:
Leave a message on the message board or
send us a comment through the Tech support Contact page.
Click Image for a larger view
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