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Creating Quarter-Square Triangle Templates 
Why Quarter-Square Triangles? 
The difference between a Quarter-square triangle and a Half-Square triangle is that in a Quarter-square triangle the long edge (or the hypotenuse) is placed on the straight of grain whereas with the half-square triangle the leg of the triangle is on the straight of grain.  Use Quarter-square triangles when the long side of the triangle will be on the block or quilt edge. The straight of grain on the outside edge adds stability.
For this exercise we will be creating a template that allows you to sew multiple 2” finished size Quarter-square triangle units at once. 
To do so we must understand what size to create the squares that the triangles will come from.  When ¼” seam allowances are added to all three sides of a triangle. The long side is 5/8” longer on each end or a total of 1 ¼” longer than the original triangle.  The long side of the triangle sits on outside edge of the square and becomes one of its sides.
So using this formula the square size needed to create 2” triangles using this method is:
2” + 1 ¼” = 3 ¼”

Click on the Block Wizard and select the Grid Tab.  Change the grid size to .125 (1/8”) Click OK.   
Enable Snap to Grid on the toolbar. 
Draw any sized square using the Square tool.
Click on Effects menu and choose Resize to…
Change both the Width and Height to 3.25”.  Click OK.
Using the line tool, draw 2 lines down the center of the square as shown in the illustration.
Next draw a line on each side of the center line beginning and ending 3 grid squares on each side of the corner.  This will give you a ¼” seam allowance on center line. 
The diagonal lines are the cutting lines as are the outside edges of the square.
This is the basic template for creating Quarter square triangles.
To save this block, choose File Save as and save the file as “2in quarter-square triangle.blk”
To make multiples of this quarter square triangle:
Choose Edit -> select all, and then Effects -> Group.
Duplicate as many squares as will fit  on a 8 ½” x 11 page taking into account the print margins using the Edit -> Duplicate menu. For this size duplicate the block 5 more times for a total of 6 squares.
Print using File/Print with actual size as the print option
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