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Lesson: The Round Arranger Part 3

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Click the images below to see the screen shots in a larger scale.

The completed wreath:

Once you have clicked OK in the Round Arranger, you see the completed wreath as shown to the right.  The only thing lacking is the background piece.  What size do we make it? And how do we do it. 

QP4LBL3_8.jpg (85046 bytes)
Sizing the wreath:
  1. From the Effects menu, choose Resize to. The figures you see in this image are the height and width of the wreath.  You want to create a background patch that is at least this size.  I prefer the background piece to be at least 1/2 inch larger than the wreath, but because the wreath is an odd size I choose to make the background patch  15.50. You may choose to make it any size you desire.   However, DO NOT change the numbers you see here. This is for information purposes only.

    Instead click cancel.
 QP4LBL3_9.jpg (7261 bytes) 
Creating the background patch:
  1. Draw a 15.50" square using the square drawing tool.   You can draw it on the side of the wreath. 
  2. Select and move the square on top of the wreath.
  3. With only the Square selected, choose Send to Back from the Effects menu.
  4. The block should look like the image to the right.  You may need to select the square patch and center it behind the wreath.
  5. Save the block.
 QP4LBL3_10.jpg (30418 bytes) 

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