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Lesson: The Round Arranger Part 2

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Click the images below to see the screen shots in a larger scale.

The Angle:
  1. Angle setting the angle determines the angle of a single unit to the center. For example, at the 90 degree setting, the patches may all face the center. At the 135 degree setting, they may facing away from the center.

    Set the Angle to 15.

QP4LBL3_5.jpg (28063 bytes)
  1. Use this setting to add up to 3 rings of patches around the center.

    Set Rings to 1.

 QP4LBL3_6.jpg (35128 bytes)
Recap of the settings for this block.
  1. Size: 4.875
    Radials:  4
    Offset: 0
    Angle: 15.
    Rings: 1

    The Appliqué Flowers now looks like a wreath. Click OK

 QP4LBL3_7.jpg (36636 bytes)

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