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Lesson: The Round Arranger Part 1

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Create a wreath block from a few flowers, leaves and a stem. 

Click the images below to see the screen shots in a larger scale.

We'll start the lesson with a new partial block. Right-click the link below and choose 'Save Link As' or 'Save Target As' to download the packet for this lesson.

Appliquéd Flowers

  1. Open the packet using Quilt Pro's File\Open Packet. 

 QP4LBL3_1.jpg (71592 bytes) 
Round Arranger:
  1. With the flower on your screen, click on Effects\Round Arranger menu. The screen to the right appears. 

QP4LBL3_2.jpg (27877 bytes)
The Size option:
  1. The size sets the distance from the center point to the patches. The smaller the size setting, the closer the patches are to the center of the block. 

    Notice that in the first image the size was 4.0 inches and the flowers were layered over each other.  As the size increased the flowers moved further apart.

Set the size to 4.875

QP4LBL3_3.jpg (25765 bytes)
Radial and Offset:
  1. The Radial option sets the number of units in the wreath.  The Appliquéd Flower from step 1 is one unit. In this example, when you set radials to 4, you will have 4 units repeating around the center.   Please note:  a unit can be one patch or a number of patches. Set the Radial to 4.
  2. The Offset option allows you to change the orientation off all the units at one time. The units will move in a circular fashion while facing in the same direction.  in the image to the right the offset is 45 degrees different from the original picture.  Set the Offset to 0.
QP4LBL3_4.jpg (32734 bytes)

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