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Lesson: Quilt in a Quilt Part 2

Rotating the Center

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Turn a Quilt into a Block:
  1. Use Edit/Select all to select the quilt for copying.
  2. Use Edit/Copy to place a copy of the quilt on the clipboard. (in memory)
  3. To open a new block window, go to File New/Block and the Edit/paste into a new block window.
  4. The quilt will paste into the new window selected. Use Effects/Group to make the quilt easier to work with.
  5. Click the Zoom Out tool until you can see the entire Inner Quilt.
  6. Select and move the quilt down and to the right several inches. It should look like the image.
QP4LBL1_5.jpg (41508 bytes)
Click image to see larger view
Rotate the block
  1. With the Inner Quilt selected, press the Free Rotate tool button.
  2. When the toolbar expands, enable Rotation Increments and select 45.0 as the amount to rotate.
  3. Place your cursor over the little black box on Lower left hand corner of the block.   The cursor turns into a circular arrow.
  4. Press and hold the mouse button as you rotate the block moving to the right. The block should look as illustrated. Notice that the center flower is upright on the center block.
QP4LBL1_6.jpg (46381 bytes)
Move quilt to corner of work area (optional step)

While this step is not necessary, it does make drawing the fill in triangles easier.

  1. Press the Select Tool and move the block so that the points are touching the ruler on the Top and left sides of the screen.   This will make drawing the fill in triangles easier.
  2. Press the Zoom in tool until you can see just the corner of the quilt.  Because this quilt is square, the top and left sides of the quilt touch in the same place on the ruler.
  3. Save the file. 
QP4LBL1_7.jpg (55709 bytes)

End of Part 2, click here for Part 3
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