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Lesson: Quilt in a Quilt Part 1

The inner quilt

Let's begin:
  1. Right-click the block image and choose 'Save As' or 'Save Target As' to download the packet containing the block we will use for the 24" inch center. After downloading it, you may open the packet in Quilt-Pro.
  2. Save the file to your desktop so it will be easy to find. The packet file name is LessonBlock_DaisyWreath.arq
  3. Open Quilt-Pro 4 and use File/Open/Packets to open the packet file window.  Locate the file and click open. The block will appear on your screen

    Please Note: that the block is made so that it will be on point when the quilt is complete.

wpe2.jpg (14926 bytes)

Set up the Inner Quilt
  1. With the block on your work area, click on Quilt/Layout menu and set the following options:
  2. Layout Tab:
    Layout Type Single, Block Placement - Single
  3. Size Tab:
    Block counts down and across 1, Size 24.00"
  4. Medallion Tab:
    Click Add Ring button for 1 medallion ring total.
    Block placement - Single
    Horizontal Repeat - Specific Count, Width 6", Count 4
    Vertical Repeat - Specific Count, Width 6", Count 4
  5. Border Tab:
    Click Clear All Borders button if it is not grayed out.
  6. Sash Tab:
    Remove the check mark from the inner sash option.
  7. Binding Tab: No binding
  8. Layers Tab: Remove the check mark from the Layer option.
  9. Quilt Size = 36" square
  10. Click the Finish button, and the quilt grid will appear with the block in the center.

QP4LBL1_3.jpg (29561 bytes)

QP4LBL1_2.jpg (32317 bytes)


Working with Medallion Rings


  1. Right click on the Medallion ring and from the right click menu choose:  Browse Blocks.
  2. Select the Blocks\Four Patch\Simple Four Patch library.
  3. Select then Drag and drop the Spirit of St. Louis block into the Medallion Ring. 
  4. To color the medallion ring block the same as shown use the fabric palette named: Kaufman - Designer Essentials by Jennifer Sampou.fpl

wpe8A.jpg (3989 bytes)

QP4LBL1_4.jpg (20251 bytes)

Save the design using File/Save As.  You can name it anything you desire.  Mine is called Inner quilt.

End of Part 1, click here to go on to part 2.
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