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Creating Foundation Blocks - Part 4

Numbering the Foundation Blocks

When you create a foundation block Quilt Pro automatically numbers the block. However, check carefully, you may need to re-number the block to the correct sewing sequence in order to piece it correctly. You may use either numbers or letters.

12. If drawn as indicated above, you block will probably will be numbered correctly. However, for this lesson, we will assume that the block was numbered incorrectly. See illustration below. From the Effects menu, select Foundation Number/Section. The Foundation Numbering dialog box will appear and your block will appear with numbers. What should be the 4th patch to be sewn is numbered 5 and vice-versa.

13. Change the number box to 4, click on the number 5 patch and the number will change to 4.

14. Click on the number 4 patch and the number will change to 5.

15. Continue clicking on each patch until the numbering sequence is correct throughout the block.  Look at the illustration below to determine the correct sequence, if you are unsure.

Note: if the block was numbered correctly before steps 13-15, click the Number Over button before leaving this window. Then click the Close button to return to the work area.

16. Save the block (File/Save As). Saving will preserve the numbering sequence with the block.

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