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Using Blocks to Design Borders

Some times adding a block to the border cornerstone is just what the quilt needs to give it a complete look. Quilt Pro allows you to combine quilt blocks and border to create your own unique design.

The border illustrated below, the Simple Sawtooth border, is fairly plain border. You might want to replace the cornerstone of the border with a block you found in the library. We will use the Star on Star block from the Classic Stars folder for this exercise but you may choose any block you wish.

Simple Sawtooth

Star on Star

From the File menu, select Browse/Border. The Browser will open in the border library.

2. From the Border library, select the Simple Sawtooth border and click the Open button.

3. With the Select tool click on the cornerstone patch, then choose Resize To from the Effects menu. Make a note of the dimensions of the patch. On the Simple Sawtooth border the cornerstone width and height were each 2.00 inches. Click the OK button.

4. Press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete the cornerstone patch from the border.

5. Go to the File/Browse/Block menu, the block browser will appear.

6. From the Classic Stars Folder select the Star on Star block and click the Open button. The block and border will be open on two different windows.

7. With the Star on Star block on your screen, chose Select All from the Edit menu.

8. Choose Resize To from the Effects menu and change both measurements to 2.00 (use the measurement from your border, if different). Now click the OK button

9. With the blocks still selected, go to the Edit menu and select Copy.

10. To move to the border window, select the Simple Sawtooth from bottom of the Window menu. The border design will appear on your screen.

11. To paste the Star on Star block, select Paste from the Edit menu. You will see the Star on Star block appear in the border window as illustrated.

12. With the Star on Star block selected move it to the empty cornerstone position. Resize with the handle bars as necessary but make sure the block is inside the red border grid lines.

13. Paint as desired.

14. Now you have a new border, as Illustrated below.

15. From the Border menu, select Save As. A border save as dialog box will appear.

16. In the file name box type Simple Sawtooth Variation, or a name of your choice.

17. Click the Save button.

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