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Log Cabin Star Quilt

Part 2 of 3
Modify a Border

|To see the quilt, click here.|

In this lesson we will design the block shown in the Medallion Ring with the help of the Rotary Cutter tool. 

Set Up:

  1. With Quilt Pro open, go to Options. 
  2. Select Screen Settings. 
  3. Select Solid grid, and reduce the grid size to 0.25
  4. Set the snap to grid to on.
  5. Open the Log Cabin Star block from Part 1.
  6. Open a new block window by selecting New from the Block menu.
  7. From the Border menu, select Browse.
  8. Scroll the Browse window until you get to the Simple Sawtooth Border. 
  9. Drag and drop the border on to the workarea.

Modify the Cornerstone of the border:

CreateBrdr1.gif (1186 bytes)
  1. Delete the corner of the border, marked by an X in the illustraion.  To delete, select the corner patch and press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  2. Now we will move back to the block window.  To do so, go to the Windows menu and select Log Cabin Star.blk from the bottom of the menu.
  3. From the Effects menu, select Resize.
  4. Change the height and width to 2". Then click OK.
  5. From the Edit menu, choose Select All.
  6. From the Edit menu, choose Copy.
CreateBrdr2.gif (4627 bytes)
  1. Move back to the block window.  To do so, go to the Windows menu and select Simple Sawtooth.
  2. From the Edit menu, select Paste.
CreateBrdr3.gif (4375 bytes)
  1. Select and move the block into the cornerstone position.  You will be replacing the patch deleted in step 1 above.
  2. Be sure to position the block inside the red patch guidelines.  If he block does not seem to snap into place, release the snap to grid, move the block so that it covers the entire cornerstone position.


Finish the block:

  • You may color the border as desired.  See Note.
  • From the Border menu, select Save As.  Save As assures you that the original block remains unchanged.
  • In the Filename box type in "Log Cabin Star" (without the quotation marks.)
  • The border is complete.

To download this lesson in a PDF format, click here.

NOTE:  If you wish to simulate the colors used in this lesson, download and install the Robert Kaufman Designer Essentials fabric line designed by Jennifer Sampou.  Click here to go to the site, where you can get the fabrics.

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