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Quilt Pro's Version 2 On Line Tutorial

The Quilt Layout Options

Block Settings

You have designed your own block or have taken one from Quilt Pro library and now you'd like to put the block into a quilt. However, when you look at the quilt layout you are not quite sure what to do first. Here is the quilt layout screen. Let's look at the Block Settings first:

A- Layout Arrangement 5 different layout settings available:
Diagonal/block in corner
Diagonal/sash in corner
On Point
B: Block Counts Use arrows on right to add or reduce number of blocks in a quilt. As few as 1 X 1 of as many as 20 X 20.
C: Block Sizes Use arrows on right to increase or reduce the size of the blocks. Block size is limited only by imagination. Very useful when you've designed a quilt manually.
D: Block Settings 3 different Block settings available:
Single - one block throughout the quilt.
Sequence - Alternate blocks throughout the quilt. See E. below for number in sequence.
Sampler - Place a different block in each space in the quilt.
E: Number in Sequence If you have 2 different blocks you want to alternate then sequence should be two. For three alternating scroll to 3. Note: If you have an alternating sequence of 2 and the block count is an even number then the automatic alternating setting will layout in rows instead of a cris cross design.
F: Quilt Preview As you make changes to the individual quilt parts you will see how the whole quilt is affected in the preview box.
G: Quilt Size As you make changes to the individual quilt parts you will see the quilt dimensions change. Keep in mind the size of the quilt you want to make and you will use these numbers to adjust block, border and sash sizes to increase or reduce the size of the quilt.


Alternating/Odd number of blocks

Alternating/Even number of blocks

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