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Exploring Quilt-Pro: Creating Quilts
Making quilts is fun and easy with Quilt-Pro!

Quilt Wizard - where quilts are built!

Open the Quilt Wizard to build your quilt. You can choose the block layout, the size of the blocks and add sashes and borders. Quilt-Pro shows you a preview and even tells you the size of your finished quilt. (Psst--Don't worry about seam allowances--Quilt-Pro's already taken care of them!)


Add Blocks to your Quilt

Every quilt needs blocks and It's easy to add blocks to your quilt in Quilt-Pro. Just open the Block Library, pick a block and click on the Quilt! Quilt-Pro will instantly place your block into the quilt.

Quilt-Pro gives you over 2500 blocks to play with: There's no excuse to run out of ideas!


Add Colors and Fabrics to a quilt

With Quilt-Pro's vast fabric library of over 5000 fabrics, you can easily paint your blocks and quilts with fabrics. It's easy, just open the fabric library, choose a fabric and paint your block.

You can pick fabrics by color, pattern, or theme.  You can create a library of  favorite fabrics. Quilt-Pro will also save your most recently-viewed fabrics.


Make New Designs - Flipping and Turning Blocks

Use the Flip and Rotate Tools to create new designs. You can flip and rotate blocks one by one, or turn all the blocks at the same time to make new designs!


Try New Layouts: Quilt Wizard

Want to see what your blocks look like on the diagonal or On-Point? No problem, Just open the Quilt Wizard and click on a new block layout.

Click the Finish Button and Quilt-Pro will instantly change your quilt.


Add a Border or a Sash

You can easily add a pieced or plain border to your quilt.Just open the Quilt Wizard and click on the Sash and Border tabs.

To add a block to your border, just open the Block Library, click on a block and click on the border. Quilt-Pro will ask you how many times you want to repeat it.


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