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Quilt-Pro Version 6 for Windows: New Features

 Quilt-Pro 6

New Features

Here's a "taste" of all the new
features in Quilt-Pro 6:

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New Tools for Printing

 New Print Center

Print everything you need in just one place with the new Print Center

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New Strip-Piecing Charts

Now you can print Strip-Piecing Charts for any block. You can print Strip-Piecing Charts for a single block or an entire quilt.

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New Print Previews

Preview templates, strip-piecing charts, foundation blocks, and yardage calculations exactly as they will print.

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New Tools for Creating Blocks Without Drawing

Create new blocks without drawing a single patch!

Block Frames

Add dozens of frames to any block

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Block Twister

Add "log Cabin Twists" to blocks

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Magic Mirror

Combine blocks together to make new blocks

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Round Arranger

Transform applique motifs and shapes into stunning applique blocks and quilting stencils

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Tired of having to save and name every block you create? Now you can save your blocks with just one click.

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Block and Fabric Libraries

Favorite Blocks and Fabrics

You can now create your own personal collection of your favorite blocks and fabrics with the new Favorites Tool.

You can also view current blocks & fabrics and recently used blocks and fabrics.

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Search for Blocks

You can also easily search for blocks by name: just type the name you want and go!

New Toolbar Features

New Custom Toolbars

Now you can create a custom toolbar by adding and removing Tools

You can also Dock the Toolbar to any side of the screen.

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New Pie & Arc Tools

Draw Easy Pies and Arcs

New drawing method makes drawing arc and pies easier: Just set the angle of arc you want and draw an arc or pie in just two clicks.

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New Layers Features

Add Quilting Designs to any quilt

Now its easier than ever to add quilting stencils to any quilt. New Layer Tools make it a snap to "drop" a stencil onto any quilt.

You can also easily hide or show any layer

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New Quilt-Pro Assistant Features

Help is better than Ever

Now you can "lock" the Assistant on any topic so that you can read and follow along without changing topics.

We've also included all of the User's Guide lessons in the Assistant so that you can read each lesson on-screen. No more need to glance up and now at the User's Guide.

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More New Features

  • New align, delete and zoom Tools available to add to Toolbar

  • Add "Fudge factor"  to yardage calculations

  • Move, flip and rotate patches with Select-by-Color Tool

  • Print alignment marks on printouts for multi-page printouts

  • Center block, quilt, foundations or templates on page when printing

  • Choose sampler, single or alternate block settings in ribbon bar when making a quilt

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