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Drawing The Hunter's Star Block - Windows and MAC

To begin drawing the Hunter's Star go to the File Menu, choose New, then Block Wizard.  On the first tab, set the Grid to the Solid Grid with Size set to .25.  Click OK.


NOTE for MAC Users: Although the images are Windows based, the Mac version of Quilt-Pro looks and works the same.

Note 2: You may click on the images for a larger view.

Starting at the 0,0 mark begin drawing the first Triangle.  End the triangle at the 4.0 mark on the ruler. 
Next draw the two Diamond shapes. Begin the drawing at the 6.0 marks vertically and horizontally.  While the diamond is drawn diagonally, stop drawing when the corner of the patch meets the triangle at the 4.0 mark.  See the illustration.
If you notice that the patch is a little jagged, you can straighten it out using the Reshape tool.
To use the Reshape tool:
Click on the patch with the Reshape tool and the black boxes will appear.  Drag the black box to the closest grid point. 
Note that you are not changing the shape of the patch, simply straightening the lines. 
Using the Polygon tool, begin the patch at the point where the diamond shape meets the triangle and drag in the direction of the angles. Here's how:
Click and release to begin drawing, and click once at each corner until you get to the last point where you see the X.  At the X you will double-click the point to set the patch.  Once  you have double clicked, the patch becomes solid.
Now you will duplicate the unit and rotate it. Since we are duplicating the all the patches, there no need to select them beforehand. Simply use Edit menu/Duplicate.  You will see another set of patches already selected.
Click the Rotate tool 3 times, once to activate it and 2 more times to rotate the patch 180 degrees.  It should look like the illustration. 
Now move the selected patches closer to the drawn unit.  You now have 1/4 of the block drawn. 
Select the block using Edit menu/Select all, and rotate it so that it matches the illustration. Click the rotate-right tool twice.
Now duplicate the unit again using the Edit menu/Duplicate, rotate it once and move into a position to the right. 
Unselect the block by clicking anywhere on the blank Workarea.  Then use Edit menu Duplicate to duplicate the second half of the block.  And use the Flip vertical tool to flip the block and move it to it's correct position below the top half.
Color the block as desired.
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