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Creating Half-Square Triangle Templates 
using Quilt-Pro 5
For this exercise we will be creating a template that allows you to sew
multiple 2” half-square triangle units at once.
Start with a new block window and enable Snap to Grid on the toolbar. 
Draw any sized triangle using the Triangle tool.
Select the patch using the select tool, then click on Effects and choose Resize to…
Change the Width and Height to 2.00”.  Click OK.
Click on the Options menu and select Screen Settings.  Change the grid size to .125 (1/8”) Click OK. 
Place your mouse curser on the triangle and Right-click on the triangle. Choose Make Template from the lower section of the right-click menu.  Mac Users - use Control Click to access this context menu.
Move the triangle so that the 90 degree angle of the seam allowance is at the 0/0 point of the grid. 
Duplicate the triangle using the Edit/Duplicate menu.  Then Rotate it 180 degrees. 
Move the duplicated triangle into position where right side of the seam allowances is at 2 7/8.
Using the Edit/Duplicate menu, duplicate the set of Triangles and move the new set to the right so that the seam allowances meet.
Duplicate the 4 unit set and while it is still selected move them down below the first set of 4. Then Flip the set vertically. Move the patches so that the seam allowances meet the seam allowance of the units above.
(Lose the selection box? See note below.)
Select 4 triangles (see note below) and Duplicate them 4 unit set and while it is still selected move them down below the first set of 4. Then Flip the set vertically. You should now have 12 triangles on the screen.
At this size, we have fit as many triangles as will print on a 8 ½” x 11 page taking into account the print margins. So save the file as “2in half-square triangles.blk”
Print using File/Print with actual size as the print option. And you should get a printout like this: 2in_half-square_triangles.pdf
To sew, place two different fabrics right sides together, then place the printed sheet on top and sew two seam lines, one on each of the solid diagonal lines. Cut apart and remove the paper. Makes 12 half square triangle units.
 Note: If at anytime you lose the selection box on duplicated units and need to reselect multiple patches, simple press the shift key on your keyboard and click on the various patches.  The selection box will only enclose the patches but the seam allowance is also selected and will move with the patch.
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