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Curved Flying Geese

Part 2 - Drawing the block
Using the polygon tool draw the center triangle along the curved grid as shown in the image.
If one or more points appear to overlap another patch, click on the reshape tool to edit the node.  I used the Snap to Line tool to help the patch line up with the patch above it.  The zoom in tool can be helpful in situations like this. 
To draw the side triangles you will use the polygon tool and add a few more points to the patch. These additional points will help to smooth the patch so that it looks more like a curve.
Work on one side first then the other. See the image.
You can finish the block by adding the background piece as A> (no image) one solid piece in which the flying geese will be appliqued to, or B> as two pieces that will be sewn to the geese sides. 
A:> To draw as one piece, draw a single square 12" X 12 and use Effects/Send to Back.  Position the background under the flying geese as desired.
B:> To draw two patches to the sides of the flying geese:
Change the Grid back to the solid grid using Option/Screen settings.  Choose Solid grid and set .25 grid setting.
Set the Snap to Point tool and using the Polygon tool draw the block side using the points as shown in the image. 
Then use the Reshape tool to edit the block points so that all lines are smooth on the outside edge. 
Repeat for the other side of the block.
Color the block as desired.
If you have any questions about this lesson, please post them at the Quilt-Pro message board:
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