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Curved Flying Geese

Part 1 - is creating a grid to help us draw the finished block.
Open a new block design window and set the grid to .25 (1/4").  To change the grid size use Options/Screen Setting and select the Grid Tab.  Choose the Solid grid and set it to .25.  Click OK.
Use Window menu, choose Zoom and set the scale to 45%. You should be able to see more than 12 Inches on the screen in both directions.
Create two curved lines using the Bezier tool.   The right most line should end inside the 12, 12  point on the ruler.  The second line should curve down and to the left. (see image).  Don't worry if your lines don't match mine because they probably won't.
Draw another curved down the center of the two lines.
If the curves are not to your liking, select the reshape tool, click on the curve. The nodes will appear. Adjust the curve using the radiating nodes.  (see image) Adjust the curve, using the nodes, until you like the shape. Practice until you like how the lines look.
Now we will change all three curves into polylines so we can use them as a grid to create our block. Using the
Reshape tool, right click one of the curves and choose "Make Polyline".  The shape should stay the same but you will see many more nodes than before. Do the same for the all lines.
Mac Users Please Note:  Instead of a mouse right-click press the Control Key and then click the mouse.
Using the Line tool, draw several horizontal lines to give some indication of the size the triangles will be in the
Flying Geese. (see image)  The length of the line doesn't matter as they will not be a part of the block.  Add a
straight horizontal line at the 12 mark as this will be the bottom of the block.
Then turn the design into a grid using Options menu, Make Grid. What you will see in addition to the horizontal lines is 3 curved lines and 3 straight lines.  When you start to draw the block, you will ignore the straight lines. Use only the curved lines as the grid. Before we start to draw the block, let's save our new grid. I called mine curved lines.
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