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1-2-3 Quilt! Version 2 FAQ


1> Will The Foundation Factory blocks work in 123-Quilt Ver 2?
Yes they will.  Download and run the block importer to add those blocks to 123-Quilt Ver 2.  Here is the link:
2> I'm trying to import Foundation Factory blocks into 123-Quilt version 2 but 123-Quilt Ver 2 isn't an option.  What can I do?
You may have a early version of the Quilt-Pro file manager.  To check, run the File manager and check the version number on the lower half of the first screen.  If it says version 1.0, that is the first version and you should download and newest version.  It is on the updates page at:

3> Is 123-Quilt Ver 2 compatible with Vista or Windows 7?
Yes 123-Quilt Ver 2 is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Vista and Windows 7. 
4> I've installed the program but it won't start.  Help!
There are a few things you might consider;
  a. Did you turn off your virus protection program before you installed the program?  Virus protection programs can corrupt a program file. Reinstall with it turned off.
  b. Did you restart your computer after installing?  The computer must be restarted so installer can complete it job of installing the program correctly.
  c. Do you have a printer driver installed on that computer?  You don't need a printer connected to the computer but a printer driver must be installed.
5> Is 123-Quilt Ver 2 available for the Mac?
No, sorry, not that this time.  Quilt-Pro 5 is available for the Mac and it's a great program.
Here is a link to that page:
6> I can't find my files on my computer, where do my design files get saved?
 The program is designed to save the files in a subfolder in Documents/123-Quilt. 

7> How I can remove fabrics that I have scanned?
The fabrics are stored in Documents23-QuiltFabrics.  Use My Computer Icon and locate the folder and delete the files you no longer need.
8> When I color my quilt with fabrics I have scanned, I get white lines in the quilt. Why?
The white line is the color of the scanning bed and is due to scanning outside the fabric image.   In order not to have any white lines, select an area to scan that is inside the fabric image.
9> When I add or change fabric in a quilt the screen refreshes constantly.  Why?
Have you scanned in your own fabrics? What you describe usually happens when the file size of the fabric image is too large.  It sounds as though you may have scanned in very large a piece of fabric and/or the DPI setting is too high.  Here are the setting you should use when scanning:
Choose a fabric print that is small to medium in size.
Scan a swatch that is approximately 4" X 4" in size.
Select only the fabric for your scan.  (see See #8 above)
Scan the fabric as a  24 bit True Color, using 100 dpi and file size should be 100-200K.  Save the file as a bitmap.
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