Mac Permissions Fix

Fixing Permissions of Quilt-Pro products on Macintosh computer

  1. Open Finder window
  2. Goto Applications
  3. Locate the program folder and select it (do not open it).
  4. Get Info on the folder (either File/Get Info menu, Command-I, or right click/control-click and choose Get Info).
  5. Look at the bottom of the window (scroll down if you need to) and find Sharing & Permissions.
  6. If the Sharing & Permissions part is not expanded, click the triangle to the left so you can see the Permissions.
  7. Click the little lock on the bottom right of the window to enable changing permissions. You’ll be asked for you password, enter it. If you enter it correctly, the +|- buttons to the left will become enabled.
  8. Click on the word ‘everyone’ to highlight it. It most likely says ‘Read only’ to the right of ‘everyone’.
  9. Click on ‘Read only’ and change it to ‘Read & Write’.
  10. At the bottom of the window is a button with a little gear and a down arrow on it. Click on that button and choose the option ‘Apply to enclosed items’.
  11. You’ll be asked if you want to apply the selected owner, group, and permission to all of the items. Click on OK.
  12. A status window will appear for a short while, then disappear. When it disappears, close the Get Info window. You are finished fixing the file permissions. If you were having problems running an updater, go back and try running the update again.