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Quilt-Pro Version 3 Lessons

Welcome to our guide to using Quilt-Pro Version 3. We welcome all of your suggestions or project ideas. If you have a question about how to design a quilt, block, border, or sash please let us know. You can be assured that if you do not understand something, there are others who have the same questions that you have. Please send your ideas, questions and suggestions to us at our tech contact page.

For those of you not using Quilt Pro Version 3:  You may   be able to create of the projects located in this lesson page using other versions but we can not guarantee that all of the instructions will apply.  You may wish to go back to the main lessons page and try lessons for your version of Quilt-Pro.

Project Ratings:

Easy:  RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Intermediate: RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Hard: RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)

The Version 3 Lessons:

How to Draw a Log Cabin Block  RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Log Cabin Star Quilt a 3 part lesson RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Karen's Quilt (in 4 parts):
Part 1,
Part 2,
Part 3,
Part 4.
 RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Creating a Curved Block RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Create a Bitmap with Quilt Pro RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Baby Block Quilt  in 3 easy lessons. RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Fall Splendor Quilt RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Ohio Star in a Star-Block RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Ohio Star in a Star-Quilt RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Row Quilt RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Watercolor Rose RotaryCutter.gif (996 bytes)
Watercolor Rose Part II 


This page is copyrighted by Quilt-Pro Systems, Inc, 1998-2001.
These instructions can be used for personal purposes only.

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