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Foundation Factory Version 1 Upgrade.

If you have already purchased and installed a Version 2 CD, then you don't need this update. But you may be interested in downloading and installing the update for Version 2. Check the Help/About menu to see which version of Foundation Factory you have.

The Foundation Factory Update for Version 1 will upgrade your program to Version 2. The main benefits of this are:

  1. The new interface is easier to browse around the folders.
  2. The new interface allows you to see more blocks on the screen at a time.
  3. The new program can display blocks from multiple editions of Foundation Factory. With Version 1, there was a full installation of Foundation Factory for each edition you purchased.

Once this update installs, you will have a new folder named 'Found Fac 2.0' on your system containing the blocks from each edition of Foundation Factory you own. After the installation of this update, you may uninstall the previous ones.

In the future, you will use updates to Version 2 instead of Version 1, as you program will now be Version 2.

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