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Quilt-Pro 6

Welcome to our guide to using Quilt-Pro Version 6. We welcome your suggestions or project ideas. If you have a question about how to design a quilt, block, border, or sash please let us know. You can be assured that if you do not understand something, there are others who have the same questions you have. Please send your ideas, questions and suggestions to Tech Support

For users of earlier versions of Quilt Pro: You may be able to create the projects located in this lesson page using earlier version of Quilt-Pro but we can not guarantee that all of the instructions will apply. You might want to go back to our main lessons page and select a lesson for your version of Quilt-Pro.

To save the lesson files to your computer, right click on the link and choose "Save Link as" or; "Save Target as" and save to a folder in Documents. .Mov and MP4 files may require Quicktime player for Windows or Mac or Internet Explorer/Edge. PDF files require Adobe reader.


Easy Heart Stencil  PDF File NEW

Star in a Star Block  PDF File NEW

Easy Curved Block  PDF File NEW

How to Design a Custom Border  PDF File NEW

Edit your Template Label  PDF File NEW

Create a Medallion Quilt  PDF File NEW

How to Delete Fabrics added to My Fabrics Library  PDF File NEW

Adding a Block to a Border  PDF File NEW

How to Draw an Attic Windows Block  PDF File NEW

Unconventional Borders  PDF File NEW

3 Ways to use the Cutting Layout  PDF File NEW

Creating a 3-D Quilt  PDF File NEW

Using the Rotary Cutter  PDF File NEW

Adding a Project Note  PDF File NEW

Create a Custom Grid  PDF File NEW

Curved Flying Geese  PDF File NEW

Export Your designs to a File  PDF File NEW

Copy and Paste your designs into Word  PDF File NEW

Create an Applique Block Using Round Arranger  PDF File NEW

Using Select Patches with Round arranger  PDF File NEW

Create a Block Using Magic Mirror  PDF File NEW

How to Create a Block using Twister  PDF File NEW

How to Rotate and Flip a Block  PDF File NEW 

How to Rotate a Log Cabin Block  PDF File New

How to Color a Block  PDF File NEW

Creating a Quilt with Alternating Blocks  PDF File NEW

Flipping a Foundation Pattern in the Print Center  PDF File NEW

Using Patch Stamps to enhance your design  PDF File NEW

Using Frames to make a design your own  PDF File NEW

Centering a photo on a quilt block    (MP4 video file)  

How to design a Quilt in a Quilt.  PDF File 

How to Delete a Quilt-Pro design file.   PDF File

How to section a Paper Piecing block  PDF File

How to create a paper piecing block  PDF File 

How to draw a tree. PDF File

How to Expand an Existing Block PDF file

How to draw using the Poly-Line tool (MP4 video file)

How to Download Fabric from the Internet PDF file

The Braid PDF file

Fabric Scanning PDF file

Quilts with an Overall Stencil Design PDF file

Drawing The Hunter's Star Block

Block Placement Settings (.mov video file)

How to Draw a New York Beauty Block PDF file


If you have any questions about these lessons, please contact us by clicking here.

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