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Quilt-Pro 6 for Windows: Exploring Quilt-Pro

 Quilt-Pro 6

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Printing with Quilt-Pro

Planning and designing a quilt is fun: but what you really need are the printouts to make your quilt. Quilt-Pro does that too! Quilt-Pro’s accurate printouts will make putting your quilt together a breeze! And, best of all, you never need to worry about seam allowances: Quilt-Pro does all the math for you.

Print Center

The New Print Center puts all your printing needs in one place. Just open the Print Center and pick what you want to print!

The Print Center

Print Previews

You can preview your printouts with the print preview button. Choose print preview to make sure your printout is just as you want it before you print.

Sample Print Preview for a Strip-Piecing Chart

Buy Just the Fabric you Need

Quilt-Pro can calculate the fabric you’ll need for any quilt. You can customize your fabric settings by setting the seam allowance and the fabric width. You can even add a “fudge factor” of 1/8 or ¼” yard.  You can also see how Quilt-Pro laid out each patch for your fabric so that you can cut your fabric the same way.

Yardage Calculation Results: each chart shows you the fabric name, how many patches to cut and how much fabric to buy

Strip-Piecing Charts for Pieced Blocks

Choose Strip-Piecing charts for any pieced block. Set the width of your fabric and let Quilt-Pro do the rest. You can create a chart for a single block in a quilt, or an entire quilt. The Print Center will even show you all the unique blocks in any quilt.

Strip-Piecing Chart: Each chart shows you how many strips to cut and how many shapes to cut from each strip.

Print Foundations

You can create and print foundation patterns in Quilt-Pro. You can even print foundations directly from a quilt.

Sample Foundations for a quilt border

Print Templates

Quilt-Pro can easily print templates for any pieced or applique blocks. Quilt-Pro will automatically choose unique patches for templates. You can also add grainlines. 

Sample Templates

Print Blocks and Quilts

Don’t forget that you can easily print pictures of any block or quilt

Print Quilt Information

Print a quilt information sheet for a “blueprint” of your quilt. Quilt Information includes the sizes of each block,  the names of the blocks in the quilt, and  the overall size of the quilt. Quilt Information also includes the width of borders and sashes.

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