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Quilt-Pro 6 for Windows: Exploring Quilt-Pro

 Quilt-Pro 6

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Quilt-Pro Extras

Quilt-Pro comes with loads of extra features for hours of quilting fun and creativity!

Make your favorite photo the center of any quilt block

Scan Photos

Scan and add your favorite photos to any quilt or block. Save your photos in the photo library.

Scan any fabric in your "stash" into Quilt-Pro

Scan Fabrics

Scan your own fabrics with our scanning wizard to add to your fabric library

You can also Scoot and Rotate fabrics within a patch.

Trace over applique motifs or pieced blocks

Import Images to Trace

Import and trace over any photo or drawing to create your own designs

Place text anywhere on the Design Wall

Add Text

Add text to any block for notes and/or instructions. You can also pull patches apart to make step-by-step piecing instructions.

Export any block or quilt as a jpeg, bitmap or Windows metafile

You can also use the Notes feature to make notes about any block or quilt.


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