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Quilt-Pro 6 for Windows: Exploring Quilt-Pro

 Quilt-Pro 6

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Start with a Quilt Block 

Whether you have an idea for a completely new quilt block or just want to “tweak” one of the blocks in our library, Quilt-Pro can do it for you.

Create your own blocks with our new Block Tools!

Take a block from our library (or one of your own) and use these tools to make your own original blocks—no drawing required!

Block Frames—add a “frame” around any block

Twister: Add log cabin “twists” to a block

Magic Mirror—combine block elements, such as quarter-square blocks to make new blocks

Round Arranger—arrange applique motifs around a circle—great  for applique blocks or quilting stencils

You can also open any library block and add new patches, or change them however you want and save your new block into your own block library.

Draw Shapes to make Blocks

Want to start a new block from scratch? You can do that with Quilt-Pro. Draw any block you want: pieced blocks, applique blocks or quilting stencils.

You draw blocks in Quilt-Pro by drawing patches and fitting them together just like you sew a real quilt block together.

Start by choosing one of our many drawing tools, such as the square tool, or triangle tool.

Here are just some of the shapes that you can draw with Quilt-Pro's drawing tools.

Choose classic quilting shapes such as squares and triangles (top row).

Isometric shapes such as diamond and hexagon (middle row).

Draw free-form triangles with the polygon tool. You can also create curved shapes and free-form curves with the curve tools (bottom row)

Select more shapes, such as hearts, flowers and arc & pie shapes from our Patch Stamp Library.

. Draw Blocks

Draw a block and place it anywhere on the Quilt-Pro Design Wall. The "Snap to Grid" Tool makes patches line up perfectly to each other

Draw anywhere you want on our exclusive Design Wall.  The Design Wall comes with a drawing grid that you can snap your shapes to for a perfect fit. You can create any shape or size block you want—there are no limits

Add new patches to your original block--it's easy with the Design Wall.

Special Drawing Grids

Quilt-Pro comes with several specialized drawing grids to make special blocks, such as a circular grid for Mariner’s Compass Blocks, and Eight-Pointed Star grid to Lone Star blocks and an isometric grid for hexagonal blocks. You can even make your own drawing grids with a Custom Grid.

Circle Grid

Eight-Pointed Star Grid

Isometric grid

Custom Grid

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