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Quilt-Pro 6 for Windows: Exploring Quilt-Pro

 Quilt-Pro 6

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Help for Quilt-Pro and Quilt-Pro Assistant

Quilt-Pro Help

Quilt-Pro is so easy that you can just “jump-in” and start right away. But everyone needs a little help from time to time…

Instant Tips

Instant tip pop up when you need them. After you have read the tip, you can easily disable the tip or all tips.

Sample Instant Tip: Click on the "Tell me More" button for more into.


Quilt-Pro Assistant

Quilt-Pro Assistant: just open and then click on any tool or menu item. The Assistant instantly explains what the tool or menu item is and what it does.

Find out how the Select Tool works by opening the Quilt-Pro Assistant

The Quilt-Pro Assistant appears on the right of the Quilt-Pro screen. Help and the program are all on one screen—no need to switch between Quilt-Pro and a separate Help window

Want to learn how to draw a block, make a foundation pattern, scan a fabric etc? Click on the "How do I" Button in the Quilt-Pro Assistant and follow along!

All the Lessons from the Quilt-Pro User’s Guide are now part of the Assistant—Just open the lesson and follow along.

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