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Quilt-Pro 6 for Windows: Downloads and Activating

Download Info

Question: My download link expired: can I still download?

Of course you can! All of our downloads are guaranteed. Just contact Quilt-Pro Systems by phone or e-mail and we'll send you a new download link.

Question: I downloaded but now I would like to get the paper User's Guide, can I still order it?

Yes, the paper User's Guide with back up CD is always available for $14.95 (plus shipping) Click here to order it.

Question: I lost my serial number, how do I get it back?

Just call or email Quilt Pro and we will give you your serial number.

Activation Information

Question: Why do I need to Activate?

Activation allows you to purchase and try-out Quilt-Pro risk free for 30 days. If you decide that Quilt-Pro is not right for you, you can return it during the 30 trial period, provided that you do not permanently activate Quilt-Pro. Once you permanently activate Quilt-Pro, it is non-refundable. 

There are 2 types of activation: temporary and permanent.

Question: What is a Temporary Activation?

A temporary activation allows you to play with the program for up to 30 days. As long as you do not permanently activate the program, you are eligible to return the program for a full refund within those 30 days. NOTE: You do not have to do a temporary activation. You can just do a permanent activation. And once you do the permanent activation, you cannot do a temporary one.

Question: What is a Permanent Activation?

A permanent activation unlocks the program. Once you are permanently activated, you no longer need to be connected to the Internet to use Quilt-Pro. Please note that once you permanently activate, you can no longer return Quilt-Pro.

Question: When do I Activate Quilt-Pro?

The first time you open Quilt-Pro you will be asked to activate. You can choose between a temporary activation (The 30-day risk-free trial) or permanent activation. 

Question: How do I activate Quilt-Pro?

Activation is simple: When you open the program for the first time, you will need to fill out the following information: name, e-mail address and serial number. You can copy the serial number from your download link e-mail. You will only need to fill out this information once.

Question: Do I need the Internet to Activate?

Yes you need the internet to activate, whether it is the permanent or temporary activation.
If you choose the temporary activation, you will need to be connected to the Internet to activate and also each time that you use Quilt-Pro during your trial period.  

Once you have permanently activated, you do not need to be connected to the Internet to use Quilt-Pro

Question: What happens if Iím not ready to tryout Quilt-Pro yet?

If you install Quilt-Pro, but are not ready to start your 30 day trial period (for example, you are leaving for vacation) you can simply not  activate Quilt-Pro. The 30 day trial period begins ONLY when you first activate Quilt-Pro.

If you start Quilt-Pro accidentally, you can simply exit from the activation window and you will not start the 30-day trial period.

Donít start the trial period until you are readyówe are unable to issue activation extensions!

Question: How many activations do I get?

Each customer will receive 3 activations. If you have computer problems and need an additional activation, please contact Quilt-Pro Systems

Upgrade Information

Question: Who qualifies for the upgrade?

If you own any previous version of Quilt-Pro, you qualify for the upgrade. The upgrade does require the previous version serial number. You will find your product serial number of the back cover of your Userís Guide.

Question: Will the Upgrade Install over my previous version?

Only if you choose it to. If you install Quilt-Pro 6 to the same location as your previous copy, it will overwrite the previous version. If you install Quilt-Pro 6 to a different location, you will have two copies of Quilt-Pro, Version 6 and your previous version.

The Quilt-Pro 6 upgrade is a complete stand-alone program and contains everything that the retail version does.

Question: Can I use my Version 5 blocks & quilts in Version 6?

Yes. Anything you created and saved into My DocumentsQuiltPro will automatically be seen in Quilt-Pro 6. If you used the Quilt-Pro File Manager to transfer designs from other Quilt-Pro products into Quilt-Pro 5, you should download the latest copy of the File Manager from our Updates page and transfer the designs again. For other things like the Block of the Day, fabric collections, or Quilt of the Month, you can simply reinstall them into Quilt-Pro 6 or use Windows Explorer to copy them to Quilt-Pro 6.

Return Policy

Question: If I need to return Quilt-Pro, how do I do it?

First of all, do not permanently activate Quilt-Pro. Once permanently activated, Quilt-Pro cannot be returned. Please use the program in the 30 day temporary mode until you are confident you want to keep the program.

If you need to return Quilt-Pro, please contact Quilt-Pro Systems for a Return Authorization number.

Your temporary activation will expire after 30 days and you will not be able to use Quilt-Pro. You may then un-install it from your computer.

If you purchased the Userís Guide & backup CD, you will need to return these items before you receive your refund.

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